Here is a complete list of Additional Services available in our Signature Series Details.

These services  are based on your vehicle needs and service frequency:​​

  • Clay bar cleaning to remove bound contamination from paint
  • Paint Correction to remove moderate imperfections such as scratches
  • Paint Polishing to remove oxidation, swirls, and improve shine
  • Paint Glazing or Pure Polishing to create an award winning shine.  
  • Engine Cleaning
  • Headliner Cleaned
  • Complete interior shampoo and steam sanitation
  • Odor Removal
  • A.C. flush
  • Window Sealant
  • Fabric Protection
  • ​Wheel Sealant

Our line up is totally different!

All Signature Series Details Incude

  • Ph Neutral, Scratch Free Microfiber Wash 
  • Microfiber Dry
  • Wheel, Wheel Well, and Tire cleaning 
  • ​Paint Sealant for premium protection
  • ​Hand wax for added ​  protection and glow
  • Interior and Exterior Window cleaning
  • Trim and Tires Conditioned
  • Door Jambs Cleaned 
  • Interior Leather cleaning and conditioning 
  • Dash, Center Console, and Door cleaning/Conditioning
  • Complete Interior Vacuum

Our Signature line of services are designed to provide a premium detailing experience to everyone based on their vehicles needs. We believe auto detailing is not a one size fits all service.  Vehicles are driven on different roads and under different weather conditions.  Vehicles may be a daily driver, a weekend cruiser, or a show car.  No two vehicles should be treated the same.  It's why we carry a vast line of products and stay up to date with advances in equipment and techniques.  We have multiple service packages available to fit your needs and budget.  Your auto stylist will discuss your vehicle with you when they arrive for your appointment to make sure you get the exact service you need or you can also schedule a free estimate. 

​Full Interior: Headliner to floor cleaning of the inside. The interior will look as new as it possibly can. 
$80-$100 Depending on size & or Severity!  Please see interior page! 

Signature Series Details & Maintenance 

Signature Maintenance: Recommended to maintain your full detail. Must be done every 4 weeks. This is a maintenance package only, it is not a DETAIL. If you are looking for something quick check out our Quick Clean. CALL TO SCHEDULE
$60 (Takes 1 hour)

Signature Spruce Up: Recommended for vehicles detailed every 3-6 months Show Cars, Weekend Cruiser vehicles, or new vehicles from the dealership. Typically also includes Clay Bar and Floor mat shampoo.
$ (Takes 1-2 hours)

Signature Shine: Recommended for vehicles detailed every 6 months to a year vehicles that need a "full detail" inside without needing heavy paint correction on the outside. Typically also includes - Clay Bar, All In one Polish + Sealant, Headliner Cleaned, Complete interior shampoo and sanitation.
$150 (Takes 3 - 4  Hours)

Signature Shield: Perfect for clients who have recently purhased a used vehicle, or returning customers who only have service completed once a year. Typically also includes: Engine Cleaning, Clay Bar, One Step Polish, Wheel Sealant, Glass Sealant, Headliner Cleaned, Complete interior shampoo and sanitation, fabric guard, and A.C. Flush.
$200 (Takes 4 - 5 Hours)

Signature Restoration:  Vehicles that have never been detailed, have not been detailed in more than one year, and/or vehicles in need of complete paint correction (removing scratches and swirls). Typically also includes: Engine Cleaning, Clay Bar, Two Step Polish, Wheel Sealant, Glass Sealant, Headliner Cleaned, Complete interior shampoo and sanitation, fabric guard, and A.C. Flush
$250 (Takes 5-6  Hours)

 We come to you with water, power and everything needed to detail your car on site.