2016  Land Rover - Range Rover we did a new car prep on.


2015 Mercedes AMG GTS First Edition we did a new car prep on.

      A "new" vehicle is not really NEW, it 3-12 months old. Maning that the paint has already received alot of contamination and damage!  The car rolls out of the manufacturer and into a gated lot with thousands of cars waiting to be shipped out or in some cases released for the next model year.(Hints the 3-12 months old). The whole time the car is out in the elements and there is industrial fallout from the factory plus the ware from mother nature all these things  are contaminating your fresh clear coat and dulling the finish.      


       So the car finally gets loaded onto a car hauler with 6-9 other cars and is off to the dealer,  it can also be shipped via rail which you will get rail dust or small orange specks all over the paint mainly noticed on white cars, I have had customers think they were rust specks. SO your car is on the way to the dealership getting road grime, bugs, rail dust and many other things are touching your cars finish.  

       The car arrives to the dealership and is cleaned up by untrained detailers that don't have the right products,  knowledge or know how to truly prepare a new car for sale. Unprotected from the elements the vehicle sits, and sits unless it is manager drove, salesman drove or test drove. Then you drive the car they say there gonna detail it and get it ready and the clean the car up to the best of their ability and it looks good but  only 75-80% of the vehicles true aesthetic  beauty.

Our goal with the new car prep is to protect your vehicle as much as  possible. We have 2 packages available for the new car prep. The first one uses a sealant that I Guarentee for  6 months (They say 12 months)  or a ceramic that I guarantee for a year. (They say 2). Both packages come with a full interior which include a complete cleaning and steaming followed by heavy protection the leather, vinyls, plastic and etc. are conditioned with a serum that last 12-16 months. The fabrics and carpets are protected with a fabric protectant that last 8-12 months. If you want to maintain your vehicles value, I am the guy!